Trad Burns, Sarah Morrison, and Chuck Karnak announce the brand new event, The City is Our Stage. Created to celebrate and showcase some of Cleveland’s best Singers, Dancers, Actors, Musicians, and Poets who currently don’t have a performing outlet due to the Covid-19 crisis. With the temporary closure of Cleveland performance venues, The City Is Our Stage will take you, our Artistic Travelers, on an adventure through Cleveland's wide-ranging neighborhoods to discover a mystery bag of sight-specific artistic performances from the safety of their automobile.


As travelers you will be able to purchase a ticket by choosing from an East Side, West Side, Downtown, or "surprise me” starting location. Then you will have the opportunity to see 6-7 different performances of varying styles. As an artistic traveler, you will have no idea what type of event you will get to see, truly making this an adventure.


Each artistic journey will take around 2 hours, including short travel times between performances.

With the purchase of your ticket, Artistic Travelers will be given a starting location and time. Once you arrive you will receive a digital map of your mystery bag performance locations as well as links to live sound streams for some of your destinations.

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